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-Preparing The Beer-

In a Pub this is done for you. At home you have to keep the beer cool prior to sampling and serve it at the appropriate temperature.


  •             Cask or naturally condition beer (Ales) between 11 – 14⁰C

  •             Bottled ales generally between 8 to 10⁰C

  •             Lagers between 6 to 8⁰C

There are some products that are described as Extra Cold and the recommended serving temperature for these beers is between 3 to 6⁰C. At these temperatures there is little chance of enjoying the flavour of the beer and they will be excluded from further comment.


The next stage is to decide on the glass. Beer should never be drunk straight from the bottle or can as you will fail to enjoy most of its attributes

The most important aspect for the glass is that it must be clean. That does not just mean recently washed, but free from any grease film and small particles such as fluff from a drying up cloth which will adversely affect the beer foam.


The style of glass is less important although it is always good to enjoy the beer in the appropriately badged glass (see section on matching beer with the appropriate glass).


I usually prefer to taste in a tulip style beer glass similar to a wine glass which I have half full to allow space to savour the aromas. With a stemmed glass there is less chance of warming the beer up when you hold it in your hand.

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